About me


7+ years of experience in delivering strategies and operating models for leading companies

Digital technologies

Experience in working with digital and IT from C-level perspective to detailed application and infrastructure operations

Analytics and AI

Focus on enchancing analytical capabilities and data-driven decision making

Selected experience

Developed operating model for planning and analytics center for large oil and gas company


  • New echallenges such as oil price decline requred the client to improve operating model by leveraging new ditital technologies and predictive analytics
  • Company decided to implement “Industry 4.0” latest digital technologies in a form of a new separated department to significantly increase efficiency of operations
  • The challenge is to make the way from ideas to detailed design considering current processes and a strong restrictions on budget and FTE

My contribution

  • Created the concept and operating model elements of planning and analytics center. It includes target operating model of managing production, logistics and assets reliability management and transformation plan for the transition to the target model
  • Developed detailed organizational structure, processes, competencies; calculated headcount
  • Developed detailed 3-year roadmap to implement planning & analytics center (includes organizational, process and IT initiatives)
  • Developed scenarios (user stories) for analytic personnel activities
  • Supported implementation as an expert


  • Based on project results client’s management decided to create planning and analytics center and continue to work with our company to support the execution phase
  • The company successfully launched planning & analytics center and got positive annual economical effect over 7 bln rubles on the next year

Developed data management strategy and operating model for large oil and gas company


  • The new planning and analytics center faced issues with data quality to develop predictive analytical models
  • Each data issue required a lot of effrorts to resolve consuming valuable data science resources to track down problem and communicate with other departments
  • The client asked for help how to improve processes and culture accross the whole downstream business to provide high quality data for analytics

My contribution

  • Developed data management strategy to provide unified goals accross all business departments
  • Developed how this concept should be operated including processes, organizational structure of new unit, new headcount calculation, necessary capabilities and requirements for IT
  • Developed principles of data model management
  • Developed detailed roadmap for 2 years


  • The client approved the roadmap and started implementation
  • Developed strategy was used as foundation for company-wide data management implementation including upstream and corporate functions

Created strategy and operating model for national innovation agency in CIS country that completely renewed their operations

Developed operating model and business case for new car digital leasing business

Delivered innovation management strategy for upstream business of large oil company

Collected and developed 42 digital technologies implementation scenarios to conduct digital benchmark for large oil and gas company

Managed data quality analysis for automotive insurance company: performed data profiling, described quality tests, developed and approved initiatives and 2-year roadmap for data quality

Developed IT costs allocation model for large financial institution

Developed IT operating model (organizational structure, processes, sourcing model) for top-5 Russian bank during IT strategy project

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